Pollyanna’s got a lot going on this weekend!  Saturday, December 8’s the big anniversary celebration in Roselle for Roselare’s first anniversary.  But, let’s look at Friday first … shall we.  (Otherwise it’s throws off the whole alliteration thing I’ve got going here in the subject line).

Sugar Cookie Fun Size is coming out on Friday.  It’s going to be a milk stout with sugar cookie, peanut and chocolate flavor, as well as cocoa mix, vanilla bean and sea salt.

Appropriately named Foudre 1, because, well, it’s the first foudre beer from Roselle!  So, what’s a foudre (pronounced FOOD-er)?  Simply, a large wooden vat.  Typically, these foudres are purchases from either wineries or distilleries, and allow for breweries to produce larger amounts of their sour beers.  What to expect from Foudre 1?  “Tart, fruity, funky and 8.6% ABV.”

OK, so I struggled with a word starting with F … but I’m sticking with this.  The Roselare 1st Anniversary Kolsch will be released in celebratory cans at both locations.  $9.99 for a 4 pack for these.

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