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Beer Releases:  July 24 – 31, 2020

Flapjack Brewery
AOAO Limoncello Wheat

Skeleton Key Brewery
Paintball Fight with a Cobra

Will County Brewing Co.
Squeeze my Lemons

Tangled Roots Brewing Co.
Vermillion River Weiss

Hickory Creek Brewing Co.
Prairie Juice

Pollyanna Brewing Co.
In the Cards

Friday, July 31

Pollyanna’s Fruhauf

The 2016 Great American Beer Festival’s Bronze-Winning German Style Marzen is back!  The name Fruhauf actually paged homage to a German immigrant who started a store in Lemont in the late 1800’s.  This Pollyanna Brewing beer itself is  clean, malty, and “just dry enough.”

Pinochle Otters in 4-Packs

Both Metal Monkey and Will County Brewing have four packs of Pincochle Otters, which debuted earlier.  Check out the description above (Friday, July 24) for more information.  

MyGrain’s Milkshake is Back

Lulupin City is back at MyGrain Brewing Company, this time in a pineapple variant.  Mandarina Bavaria, Azacca, Simcoe and Cashmere hops and added a massive dose of PINEAPPLE and lactose.

Sun Strikes at the Last Minute

A last second add before the newsletter send, Sunstrike will be available at Skeleton Key Brewery today.  This is a collab with SKB and Miskatonic.  It’s a Wheat Ale with Meyer Lemon Peel + Rose Hips.

Will add a photo as soon as I can …

Saturday, August 1

My Favorite SKB Beer is Back

Migratory is actually the first beer I had over at Skeleton Key Brewery, and the first time I had a coconut flavor.  It pleasantly surprised me, to the point that I order it every time I can.  Head over to the Woodridge-based brewery and try this one!  You’ll be a fan.

Topanga Lawrence

Mad Hatchet’s latest brew pays homage to love interest on Boy Meets World.  I think there were sequels, but I never watched them and henceforth won’t acknowledge those.  It’s a Hazy IPA at 7.2% ABV.  Lots of trident and mosaic hops in this one!

A Traditional Baltic Porter Gone Rogue

I couldn’t think of a better way to describe this beer from Will County Brewing.   (Honestly, it sounds like a Netflix special as well).  Mr. Mustachio is back at Will County Brewing.  It’s a vanilla porter that mixes well with the dark malts and bourbon.  On tap and to-go in howlers, growlers, and crowlers.

Monday, August 3

No Fests, But Festbier is Here Anyway!

When you can’t celebrate in a big style, you can celebrate in a big way!  Get to Alter Brewing Company in Downers Grove to get Festbier.  A smooth, malt-forward lager with light toastiness and sweetness.  And, don’t worry St. Charles, your shipment of Festbier will arrive in a couple of days.  

Tuesday, August 4

When a Broken Carabiner is a Good Thing …

A favorite is back on tap over at Ike & Oak Brewing.  Broken Carabiner Green Tea Ale packs complex tropical fruit flavors (notes of peach, pineapple, passion fruit, mango & berries) into a single glass.  Itis well balanced with medium bitterness to make it refreshing & crushable.  Slightly hoppy with a bit of caffeine.

Wadnoggin Encores for Garage Band Brewing

The Plainfield-based brewery has re-released Wadnoggin, an American Wheat beer.  It’s made with almost 50% malted wheat and mildly hopped with Amarillo hops throughout the boil.  The result is a medium hop bitterness.  You’ll get notes of lemon, orange, and grapefruit – making this a refreshing summer beer.

Wednesday, August 6

Black Horizon’s Summer Shaper

The Willowbrook brewery just released Dune Shaper, a golden ale infused with blueberries.  Perfect for the patio, the beach, the golf course, the in-laws, a Hawaiian vacation, watching CNN, washing the car, mowing the lawn, listening to a baseball game on the radio, grilling, and probably a few more things.

Hickory Creek Celebrating the Mead-dle of the Week

Yes, as a father of two, my pun game is strong.  What else is strong?  The flavor of Typsy Bee Mead at Hickory Creek Brewing.  You will love the taste of this Mango and Peach Mead.  Get to the New Lenox brewery and get your bottle today!


Metal Monkey’s Black is Beautiful Release

Metal Monkey will be releasing its variant of Black is Beautiful on Saturday, August 8.  The flavor – Black Cherry Chocolate.  Get yours on draft or via crowler.

100% of the proceeds will go to the Coalition for African Americans in the Performing Arts (CAAPA). CAAPA’s vision is to help promote opportunities for Black classical musicians and others in the performing arts through arts performances, education, and outreach.

The Beer is Cake

OK, so I don’t have one of those cool optical illusion videos, where the end result is a really fancily-decorated cake.  I wish I did, I’m hungry.  But I do have info on a collab with Will County Brewing, Mad Hatchet Brewing, and Orland Park Bakery.  It involved four 18″ x 26″ sheet cakes.  

Alter Brewing is Channeling it’s Inner Thor

Alter is working on a tasty one.  They’re brewing a NEIPA with a Norwegian Kveik yeast.  They’re bringing the thunder, which will be here in early August.

They are also working on Orange Hwip, which should be here in a few weeks as well.

Flapjack Brewery’s Cherry Limeade Sour

Pictured here (in a cool filter) is one of Flapjack’s brewers adding cherry puree to their cherry limeade sour.  It sounds perfect for summer, and can’t wait to try this.

Lemon Zest-Fully Clean

Blue Nose Brewery and Whiskey Hill Brewing are teaming up on “Wake Me Up When It’s Over,” a lemon zest saison.  They’re also working on a lime kolsch.

By the Light of the Harvest Moon

Plainfield’s Garage Band Brewing is working on their Oktoberfest beer, Harvest Moon.  Here’s a FB video they published.  Watch it, and you can almost smell the brew through the computer / smart phone.

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