Whether you’ve dined at the famous tavern or are familiar of Saturday Night Live’s “Cheezborger, cheezeborger, cheezeborger,” Olympia Restaurant, you are probably familiar with the Billy Goat.  It’s an iconic Chicago brand that has made its way into a burger brand and, for a time, beer. Baderbrau had originally packaged two of its existing beers under the Billy Goal label.  That was until the brewery decided to close its doors.

Now, the iconic Billy Goal logo is back on craft beer.  Two new brews are being produced for the brand by Darien’s own Miskatonic Brewing Co.  Billy Goat IPA and Billy Goat Pilsner are new offerings for the restaurant that will also be making their way to store shelves in new black Billy Goat cans.  The IPA is a west-coast style that weighs in at 7% with notes of pine.  The Pilsner clocks in at 5.3%.  The Chicago Tribune’s Josh Noel also reports that a third beer, a dark lager, may be in the works if all things go well.

For more information on Miskatonic Brewing, please visit their web site at https://www.miskatonicbrewing.com/.  For more information on Billy Goat Tavern, please visit https://www.billygoattavern.com/.

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