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Beer Releases:  May 15 – 22, 2020

Wednesday, May 20
Black Horizon Brewing Company

  •  Lemon Birthday Cake Sugar Bomb Milkshake IPA
  • Cookies & Cream Sugar Bomb Milkshake IPA

Wednesday, 5/20
Pollyanna Brewing Company


  • Humpenscrump – Hefeweizen

Wednesday, May 20
Alter Brewing Company

Orange Hwip – Orange Vanilla Milkshake IPA

Thursday, May 21
Metal Monkey Brewing

  • I Want Samoa This – Brown Ale
  •  Monkey Junction – Vienna-Style Mexican Lager
  • Rick – Pickle Gose

Friday, May 22

This is The Gardener’s Time of Year

Memorial Day marks the start of summer.  Warm temps, sunny days, and the perfect weather for The Gardener.  Now, I’m not talking one with a green thumb, I’m talking about Miksatonic’s newest brew.  It’s a re-imagined Belgian Witbier that pays homage to a lemon bar recipe.  American wheat, lavender, vanilla, and lemon peel.  

Tangled Roots has a Passion for Brewing

If this “Stay at Home” order has taken some passion out of your life, you’ll need to get it back quick.  Get Passion Fruit Express, the latest beer from Tangled Roots Brewing Company.  It’s a session IPA brewed with Citra, Amarillo, and Cascade hops.  They injected passion fruit and apricot puree into this beer.  ABV is 5% on this one.  Bring the passion back into your life.

Well Squeeze my Lemons!

Cool and refreshing, the perfect beer for this time of year, Squeeze my Lemons Lemonade Shandy is back at Will County Brewing Company.  Get this one in howlers and growlers.  You’ll want to be sipping on this one, especially if you’re going to be grilling outside this weekend!

Climb Into Mad Hatchet for This One

Jason’s Ladder is the first beer I had over at Mad Hatchet, and after the sip, I was immediately a fan.  Ok, truthfully, when I first walked in to the brewery and its horror-themed brewery, I was a fan.  The first sips of beer solidified by fandom.   Jacob’s Ladder is a cream ale weighing in at 5.5%.  You’ll get amazing flavor out of this one!  Two thumbs up from me.

The Route and The River

Rt66 Old School Brewing has re-released one of their favorites, River Bay Red.  This is a medium-bodied Red weighing in at 5.7% ABV.  You’ll get notes of caramel and toffee on this one.

Sunday, May 24

Snallygaster Stout Now Available at River Hawk

Had to Google this one.  In American folklore, a snallygaster is a dragon-like beast said to inhabit Central Maryland, the Washington DC metro area, and particularly the Middletown area of Frederick County, Maryland.

Beer related, Snallygaster Stout is a full-bodied beer with flavors balanced by dark malts & accompanied by generous hints of chocolate.  Get yours now at River Hawk Brewing

Tuesday, May 26

Two From Black Horizon

A Two-For-Tuesday from Black Horizon Brewing Company.  Common Sequence is a peach ale with lactose.  Think peaches and cream!  And, if you love Rocky Road ice cream, Rocky Road Straight Up will call your name!  It’s an English porter with all of the elements of classic rocky road without extra sugar and lactose.  

Strawberry Cheesecake in Sight, Afternoon Alpine Delight

Strawberry cheesecake sounds amazing.  Beer is amazing.  Ike & Oak combined the two for a beer that I can’t wait to go get.  Alpine Delight is a Pastry Sour Ale.  It’s tart and fruity, tastes of strawberry cheesecake with a creamy mouth feel (thanks to the added lactose).  Weights in at 4.6% ABV.  

Wednesday, May 27

An Anniversary Beer for Flapjack Brewery

Flapjack Brewery released a limited amount of RWS Tripod Rye Whiskey Stout aged in Quincy Street Distillery rye whiskey barrels.  It’s a 7% ABV beer hitting 55 IBU’s.

Plus, check out the Beerwyn Crowler!

Visit the Lemonade Stand at Hickory Creek Brewing

I’m officially making “shandying” a word.  And, for good reason.  Hickory Creek Brewing Company is bringing back their Summer Shandy called “Lemonade Stand.”  It’s half-pilsner, half lemonade.  Weighs in at 3.2% ABV.  Get over to Hickory Creek and get shandying!  

Thursday, May 28

A Pollyanna Brew Only Available at Cog Hill

If you ever wanted a reason to golf at Cog Hill Golf Course, Pollyanna Brewing Company is giving you a perfect excuse.  “Cog Hill Long Drive Ale” is a German-style Ale that is crisp, clean, and refreshing. 

You know this beer wasn’t named after my golf game.  It’d be more like “Hit the Wrong Fairway Ale.”

Friday, May 29

An Anniversary Beer for Mad Hatchet

Don’t fear the Chupacabra!  This is quite a tasty Horchata inspired Cream Ale from Mad Hatchet Brewing, weighing in a 6.7%.

The name Cupacabra literally translates to “Goat Sucker.”  This reported beast was scene in Northern Mexico and Southern US with a third for blood – preying on livestock.


Miskatonic’s Stormin’

A hazy double milkshake IPA is on the forecast for today.  Storm Shake is hopped with Strata, El Dorado, and Mosaic, with pillowy milk sugar and high quality vanilla added to the mix.  The result is a brest with IPA bitterness and spine, along with creamy, shakey decadence.

Four New Releases from Rt66 Old School Brewing

Three new ones today from the Wilmington-based Rt66 Old School Brewing.

  • Greenhorn is a NEIPA, a creamy mouth feel with pineapple and blueberry notes.  6.5% ABV.
  • Wildcat is a Cream Ale weighing in at 5.5% ABV.  Refreshing and satisfying!
  • Ice Ice Porter is a limited release.  The beer is a  vanilla porter at 6.2%
  • Coco-Vid is the other limited release.   This one is a toasted coconut porter at 6.2% as well.

The two limited releases are not available for crowlers and growlers.

Tangled Roots Releases 2 Summer Time Sippers

You may have had Tangled Roots’ Pale Ale, River Raptor.  Just in time for summer, they’ve released two variants.  Pictured is their Passion Fruit River Raptor.  They also have released a coconut version as well.


A Collab with Pollyanna and Revolution

Pollyanna teamed up with Revolution to bring “Lederhosen Luau” into the world.  It’s a Hopfenweisse with Sabro, Mosaic, and Citra. 

Release date set for June 5!


A Whiskey Hill and Foreign Exchange Collab

Whiskey Hill Brewing Company and Foreign Exchange Brewing have teamed up for a great sounding collab.  Their thick and viscous chocolate stout is currently being rested with toasted coconut, roasted pistachios, and a blend of Tahitian and Madagascar vanilla beans.  This is sounding amazing, and in a few more weeks, it’ll be ready for us to enjoy.

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