A few from earlier …

Wednesday, 4/29
Will County Brewing Company

Peach Meat (Wheat Ale with Peach and Vanilla)
Rocket Queen (DDH IPA)

Wednesday, 4/29
River Hawk Brewery

Minooka Wit

Thursday, 4/30
Elder Brewing Company

Stout Shaker (Stout)
Oatmeal Jay (Oatmeal Stout w/ Sugar Cookie)

Thursday, 4/30
Flapjack Brewery

What You Jump Ship?
Dry Hopped IPA

Thursday, 4/30
Whiskey Hill Brewing Co.

Put a Light On

Friday, May 1

Here Comes OwlBear

The doors of the Dungeon are opening, and Miskatonic is releasing Dungeon Master OwlBear on May 1.  Make sure to place your order ahead of time (keep an eye on Miskatonic’s Facebook feed to see when online ordering will open for this beer).  Not only that, from 4pm to 7pm on 5/1, you’ll be able to get a 4-pack of maple bacon cupcakes from Gray Street Cupcakes while supplies last.  Check out this link for details on the cupcakes.

Dungeon Master: OwlBear is a 10.5% ABV imperial breakfast stout.  Waves of real maple and nearly 35 gallons of concentrated cold brew from 10 Drops make this an amazing way to start your day … or night … or whenever you decide to responsibly indulge in a tasty brew.  

A Maibock for May 1

Hickory Creek is releasing its Maibock, Deer in the Headlights, on May 1.  This one’s been “staying at home” since January during the lagering process, and now it is ready for our bellies.  Super-smooth, semi-sweet, lightly-hopped, and malty-finished.  I know malty-finished isn’t really a word, but I was on a roll with the hyphens.  

Summer, Summer, Summer, Summerly …

Summerly might be the first pink beer I ever had.  If you haven’t had this Wheat Ale with Raspberries, I highlight recommend it.  It’s truly the sign of the season when Pollyanna comes out with this favorite.  Don’t worry about puckering with this one, it’s got that perfect balance of fruit for a refreshing taste … not too much and not too little.  

A Paintball Fight Started at SKB

Skeleton Key Brewery released their newest Kettle Sour on Friday, entitled “Kettle Sour.”  This brew pairs up with literally everything, just check out their image.  And, their Facebook post literally teases new variants coming soon.  

A Bohemian Pilsner for Your Weekend Pleasure

Rt66 Old School Brewing just released a Bohemian Pilsner perfect for your empty glass.  It’s a Bohemian Pilsner, weighing in at 5.5% ABV.  Delicate, noble, and well rounded – make sure to ask for “Not Your Father’s Pilsner.”

Saturday, May 2

Time to Get Slimed

Remember the Nickelodeon show, “You Can’t Do That on Television”?  On that show, the kids would get slimed if they said “I don’t know.”

This is the adult version.  And, yes, I’d let someone dump this on my head … as long as I could open my mouth wide open and drink this super tasty beer.  This beer makes me wish I was on a beach in Florida … all to myself with a growler of Key Slime Pie.

Whiskey Hill’s 7 Mile Drive for Key Lime Pie

Whiskey Hill Brewing Company also has a key lime beer for you named “7 Mile Drive.”  This one is a Berliner Weiss, which balances tart and sweet key limes with a pie-crust like sweetness.  An easy drinker.

Monday, May 4

May King Balaton Be With You

Alter Brewing Company is definitely embracing Star Wars Day, as you can see by their picture.  And, to top it off, they’ve brought back a tasty one.  King Balaton is a cherry wheat ale, that gives that right amount of sweetness.  A fun one for the summer, all hail the King.   

Tuesday, May 5

The Golden Glow of Lite Thinking

Drink a winner.  And, Pollyanna Brewing Company‘s Lite Thinking is definitely a winner.  In fact, they won the 2019 Gold Medal for American Lager at the Great American Beer Festival.  It’s brewed with six-row and two-row malted barley, midwestern corn, and clear water from the goold ol’ Land of Lincoln.  Many, many, many thumbs up on this one.  

Thursday, May 7

Hell Hazed Over at Alter

Back in stock over at Alter are 6-packs of Hell Hazed Over.  This is Alter’s Year-Round New England Style IPA.  Passionfruit, tangerine, and mango.  Smooth and creamy mouthfeel.  If you’re a fan of the Haze, you’ll be a fan of this one.  

Getting Dizzy With It at Garage Band

Dizzy Up The Blonde is Garage Band Brewing‘s Blonde Ale that weighs in at 6% ABV and 23 IBU.  It’s herbal, floral, and fruity … a easy drinker that is certainly enjoyable.  

Ike & Oak’s Doubling Down 

Two fruity beers for this weekend, one light refresher, and one for the sour fans. 

Brandy’s Shandy is a winner of Ike & Oak Brewing’s recent recipe content. Raspberry lemonade is a true summer combination, and that’s on display in this Raspberry / Lemonade Shandy.  An easy drinker, weighing in at 3.3% ABV.

Their is more intense flavor in Rainbow Rising then a pack of Skittles.  This fruited sour is going to hit you with flavors of boysenberry, blueberry, and sweet cherry.  #DrinkTheRainbow.  Weighs in at 4.2% ABV.

Burninator on Patrol at Metal Monkey

Best I got on this one is a loose reference to Terminator.  (I’ve run out of puns! – but I’ll photoshop some shades onto the Metal Monkey can).  But, something that’s not a joke … this beer – I’m a huge fan of Metal Monkey Brewing’s latest.  Traditional German Doppelbock – a lager with notes of caramel, raising, toffee, and dark fruit.

Friday, May 8

A Summertime Crush at Pollyanna

Pollyanna Brewing Company‘s got a brand new American Wheat Ale that they’re rolling out today.  “Sunshine Sprawl” is an easily crushable beer.  It’s low on bitterness and makes you wish you were in a hammock somewhere.  (As I’m now trying to figure out how to get a hammock in my little corner of our living room that also serves as my work-from-home desk).

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