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Whiskey Hill Brewing Co.

Midwest Nostalgia
Dropped 4/15

Black Horizon Brewing Co.

Vanilla Marshmallow
Straight Up (Tap)

Common Visions, Stealing Sunshine, Horizon IPA Vol 12, and Feed the Machine (Cans)

Dropped 4/15

Tangled Roots Brewing Co.

Raspberry Vibes
Dropped 4/16
Tapped Out

Thursday, April 16

Nine-Tailed by SKB, with the Assist by Pollyanna

This is just a cool story.  Pollyanna Brewing Company gave the assist to Skeleton Key Brewery on this beer, providing cans and their canning line to SKB to help them get their beer available for us to drink.  With the supply chain being all goofy during this time, Pollyanna came to the rescue.

Nine-Tailed is a Lager that is brewed in collaboration with The Foxtail in Downers Grove.  They have some amazing items on their carryout menu, which I look forward to trying :).  

Friday, April 17

Their Description is So Good, I’m Going to Purely Copy It

Miskatonic‘s Pitch will be released this Friday at 4pm. Pre-order will be live Thursday at 7:30pm.

Larger statured on the “standard strength” milk stout spectrum but lithe, Pitch packs all the drippy, desperately dark flavors associated with bigger-time stouts in an ensnaring drinkable package. Brown sugar knocks against just browned marshmallows and heavily toasted bourbon wood. Redolent overtones of vanilla, black licorice, and Maraschino syrup sweeten the deal and leave the experience feeling indulgent but delicately curated. Black as Pitch.

Because It’s Fine, I Drink Center Line

I’m giving a little nod to Johnny Cash for this beer, Alter‘s Center Line Golden Ale.  This was Alter’s second beer, and is a part of their core lineup.  The reference “Center Line” is to construction, where center lines are the starting points for measurements and placements.

The beer itself is extremely well balanced, making it an easy drinker.  It uses 2-Row, Munich, and Vienna malts, as well as Crystal and Tettnang hops.

It’s Summertime in My Head, So This Release is Perfect Timing

I’m working hard from home, so I need an easy-drinker.  I want one that makes me think that it was 84 degrees outside and I was on a beach.  Pollyanna‘s Kiwi Allure can take me there … at least in my own mind.

Kiwi Allure is one of their Berliner-Style Weisse Ale’s, and one that not only will bring you vibes of summer, but vibes of summer down under.  

Aww, nuts?  Aww yeah!

Ike & Oak is releasing one of their most popular brews, Monkey Nut, for us to enjoy.  (Goes great with a Frozen Pizza BTW).  Monkey But is a light-bodied and low-hopped Porter.  You’re going to get flavor and aroma of two of my most favorite things, chocolate and peanut butter.  That in another one of my favorite things, beer, makes this a total win-win.

Monday, April 20

Don’t Squeeze the Charmin, Squeeze One of These

Heavy Squeeze is one of my favorites from Alter Brewing, and 6-packs are back!  This is an ULWA … Unfiltered Lemon Wheat Ale.  That’s not an official acronym. but I’m starting a trend!  It’s a great beer for this time of year … and how much we wish we could spend all day drinking outside.  

Tuesday, April 21

Back Country Golden Ale Shines at Ike & Oak

Ike & Oak released a refresher … perfect for a warm day.  “Back Country” Golden Ale is a light bodied brew, with mango and ginger flavor.

Everybody Must Get Stone Aged

Will County Brewing Company’s Bamm-Bamm Loves Pebbles wheat ale channels its inner breakfast cereal and brings some great flavor to boot.  This is a pretty popular beer, so make sure to get your howler or growler today before it taps out.

Wednesday, April 22

Pollyanna’s Let the Dogs Out

Pollyanna Brewing Company teamed up with Northern Illinois University Alumni Association for Dawgma, the perfect beer for Huskies and non-Huskies alike.  It’s a super fresh Kolsch, available in 4 packs of 16oz cans at all three Pollyanna locations.  

Thursday, April 23

A Trio of Monkeys

Metal Monkey canned up three new ones for us, including one that we have seen for a year-and-a-half!

  • Ghuleh – a Double Dry-Hopped all Citra IPA
  • Balloon Head Watermelon – a Berliner Weisse paying homage to my favorite childhood candy
  • Fantasy Bowling League – a traditional German Kolsch lighly hopped with Lemont Drop hops.

Pollyanna’s Acclamated Us to Great Beer

Acclimation is making its first appearance in two years!  This is a Belgian Golden Strong Ale with Apricots, and its available in 4 packs of 16oz cans at all three Pollyanna locations.

Migratory, Take Me Away

I have a soft spot in my heart for Migratory.  It’s the first coconut beer that I ever had … and it blew me away.  You can truly taste the toasted coconut that they use in the brewing process.  It’s back in cans at Skeleton Key Brewery.

And, make sure to look out for each edition of SKB in a Box … Skelton Key knocks it out of the park every time – and they sell out every time.  

Friday, April 24

Never Too Early For a Maibock

It’s not quite May, but it’s never too early for a Maibock.  Miskatonic is bringing us a light German-style bock that can be-ordered on May 23 at 7:30pm.

What kind of flavor will this have?  “The classic comforting character of gently rising bread with a fresh backdrop of sweet grass, cheering orange/lemon and sticky honey (all lent by a gentle dry hop with the ever-pleasant German grown Mandarina Bavaria).”

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