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What is Lechery?  

Merriam-Webster defines lechery as “inordinate indulgence in sexual activity.”

What is Inordinate?

Merriam-Webster defines inordinate as “exceeding reasonable limits.”  As in, “you’re using an inordinate number of definitions to talk about the latest beer from Pollyanna Brewing Company.”

Pollyanna’s description of the new beer is as follows (and sometimes, I just have to copy-and-paste:

Love is in the air at Pollyanna! More gullible than innocence is lust and greed, but as Kurt Vonnegut put it, “Tis better to have love and lust than to let our apparatus rust.” Awaken your desires with “Lechery,” our stimulating Oatmeal Blonde Ale. On top of the hundreds of pounds of sweet and tart cherries, this beer is flush with lush cocoa nibs. Consider your libido boosted.

Lechery is available at all three Pollyanna locations.  Find out more about Pollyanna Brewing Company by following them online at or

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