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Typically, I wouldn’t use “slithers” to describe a beer release.  But, this is Snake Juice!  Blue Nose Brewery has released new haze, made with Galaxy, Simco and Zappa hops.

Did you know that there was a thing called a “snake diet?”  Yes, I like to google names of beers and see what comes up … and I was a little surprised but what I came upon.  The Snake Diet literally wants you to eat like a snake – check out this article by  I couldn’t make this up.

The snake diet is a fasting diet … basically, you eat one big meal, then nothing for 22 hours.  But, before that, you’re supposed to drink Snake Juice.  The inventor of the diet wants you to clean the toxins, purge yourself from sugar addiction, and kickstart the fat burning.  This snake juice consisted of 1 liter of water, 2 teaspoons of pink salt, and 2 teaspoons of NoSalt, a salt replacement product.

You know what’s a lot more fun than the snake diet and a crazily salty drink?  Well, everything.

Make sure to try this hazy at Blue Nose as soon as you can.  This should be the only Snake Juice you ever drink.

Find out more about Blue Nose Brewery by visiting them at their web site or on Facebook.

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