So, it’s faint … but tell me the photo doesn’t look like it has evil eyes.

I’ll show you where I’m seeing it …

River Hawk’s latest is also the name of a certain Star Wars character, Sidious.  As in Darth Sidious.

Some random fun facts, thanks to Names.Org:

  • Nobody in the US has the first name of Sidious.  There have been less than 100 occurrences since 1880.  (Probably 0, but, hey, never know).
  • Apparently, the country of Hungary has shown more interest in the name than any country.  This may be going by web hits, but who knows.  

OK, let’s talk about beer.  Sidious is a 7.8% ABV barrel-aged stout.  You will get hints of coconut on this one.

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