Skeleton Key has a new one dropping tonight (Wednesday, 11/6).  If you like Clementine oranges, you’re going to love this beer.

Pennyfeather is the name of their newest offering, which is a wheat ale with Clementine.  Check out the orange color on this one!  It weighs in a 5.2% ABV, lightly sweet with citrusy notes.

So, what does Pennyfeather mean?  I asked my trusty friend, Google.

  • Paul Pennyfeather is the subject of “Decline and Fall,” a show on BBC One.
  • According to, Pennyfeather is derived from the Old English words “penig,” which means “penny,” and “fæder,” which means “father.” The surname was actually a nickname for someone who was uncompromisingly frugal.

If you want to know the reason why SKB named the beer Pennyfeather, you’re going to have to ask them!

Make sure to tune into all things Skeleton Key by visiting them online at or

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