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Nothing says Halloween like “Straight Up Hell.”  It’s even better when buy your own Black Horizon logo glass to go along with it.  #ProductPlacement.

This Halloween, the Willowbrook-based brewery is your place to be.  Great beer, including discounts if you come dressed in costume (a 15% discount if you come in costume to be exact).

Twisted Classics Food Truck will be on site from 6pm – 9pm.

So, let’s talk about beer.

Straight Up is BHBC’s amazing English Porter.  Combine that with heaping amounts of habanero heat, and you have Straight Up Hell.

Not a fan of the heat?  (Give Straight Up Hell a try though, you’ll thank me later).  Yeah Right is a smoked milk stout with pumpkin spice and coffee.  I’m definitely intrigued by this one, which makes me flashback to Thanksgiving mornings as a kid,  taking in the scents of the kitchen.  I didn’t start drinking coffee until my 20’s … but boy, my parents used it as their early morning pick-me-up.

Get event details by checking out the Facebook event page at

You can also find out more about Black Horizon by visiting them at or



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