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Ottawa-based Tangled Roots Brewing Company has teamed up with one of their neighbors for an amazing sounding collaboration.

The Ottawa Bakery is a short walk from Tangled Roots Brewing Company.  They’re a locally-owned, small batch bakery that makes some amazing pies, pastries, donuts, and of course, cinnamon twists.  Trust me … look at that picture, they taste as good as they look.

So, this collaboration was a match made in Heaven … (or my stomach, take your pick).  4-packs were available starting yesterday (Thursday, October 25)

Let’s talk beer.  Cinnamon Twist from Tangled Roots.  Just the description alone makes me want to pick up a 4-pack.  From what we know so far, 6.8% ABV.  From the two Untappd votes so far, it’s at a 4.0.

Lightly toasted malts and subtle hops swirl into divine cinnamon spices and apricot puree

You can find out more about Tangled Roots Brewing Company by visiting them online at or

You can find out more about The Ottawa Bakery by visiting them online at or

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