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It never happened to me, honestly, but can we all picture the number of times that someone was locked into their locker at school.  People would pick on the nerds and the geeks.  I mean, heck, even Screech from Saved by the Bell spent way too much time in a locker.

Now, what if we could be stuck in a locker with a howler of some tasty Elder Brewing Company beer?  The Joliet-based brewery just launched their Locker Membership club.  Each month, you’ll get a howler fill, $1 off the taproom specialty pint, and a monthly surprise.  And, there will be a yearly locker membership event – just for members.

What’s the monthly surprise?  Well, it’s a surprise.  Although this month, they’ve announced that its a howler and specialty glass (a $13 value).

Find out more about the Elder Brewing Company Locker Membership by visiting the event launch page –  Pricing and details are all listed on the page.

Note, that there are only 20 lockers!  Get your membership today.

Find out more about Elder Brewing Company by visiting or


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