Get your pre-orders in now for the Iron&Glass Advent Calendar.  Quantities are limited, so GO NOW!  Why are you still reading this?

Oh, you’re still here.  I guess I can give you some more details.

$99 will get you 24 pre-wrapped beers in a great Iron&Glass box.  Day 25?  Well, on that day, you’ll get a prize that you can redeem anytime in December at Iron&Glass.  (The photo above is their 27 advent calendar)

The beers on the inside are a surprise, but those who bought the Advent calendar the past couple years really enjoyed their beers.

How to order?  Go to Iron&Glass now.  Well, assuming their open when you read this.  They will be releasing a link for online orders soon, and we’ll post that as soon as we see it.

Keep up to date on the Advent calendar release, and everything else Iron&Glass, by following them on Facebook at

Pre-sale graphic for Iron&Glass Beer Advent Calendar

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