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No, this isn’t fish beer.  La Tuna, or prickly pear, is part of the cactus family.  The brewers over at 5 Rabbit took both whole tuna fruit and puree, combined with fresh wort and a mixed culture.  The result is the next installment in their Loteria series.

The brewery gives us more information about the fruit.

In México, the plant tunas come from is the Nopal but in most South American countries like Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile both the plant and fruit are called tuna.  Growing up eating this delicious treat with lime juice squeezed over it but also suffering porque pasaba espinandome las manos, it is a fruit that brings back many memories.

The beer is available for presale now via this link – make sure to get in early, as there is only a limited quantity.  Bottle pickup will be on Sunday, May 26th.  You won’t want to miss this one, which is tart, sour, refreshing and effervescent with bright earth flavors.

Make sure to follow 5 Rabbit Cerveceria by following them on their web site and Facebook page.

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