This isn’t a Roberto Benigni film, but Tangled Roots’ latest is definitely award worthy.  “Life is Brutiful” is an experimental brew being released at the Ottawa brewery at 4 pm today (Thursday, May 2).

It’s a Brut IPA (if the punny name didn’t alert you to that) that is super-dry IPA that is very champagne-like.  Mosaic, El Dorado, Cascade, and Citra hops will give you some great tropical fruit aromas, and the taste is going to deliver big on that tropical fruit.  Low bitterness as well – think of dry fruity wine.  Norwegian Hornindal Kviek yeast (from Omega in Chicago) was used as well in the process.

The beer taps at 4 pm, so make your plans accordingly.  Cheers!

Get more information about Tangled Roots by visiting their web site or Facebook page.

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