Tangled Roots is no stranger to farm-to-foam.  And, their newest beer in the farm-to-foam series will be released on Thursday, April 18.

Their first farm-to-foam beer, Forty 1 Eighty 8, used agricultural ingredients that were grown at the brewery’s farms in Ottawa and Sheridan, including Nugget and Cascade hops.

For Aronia Saison, the team used Pilsner malt, Nugget hops and Cascade hops brewed in Ottawa.  They worked with nearby Brightwood Inn in Utica for Aronia Berries and Aronia Berry Juice.  Aronia Berries are also sometimes referred to as Chokeberries.

The berries added a pink hue to the beer, as well as a fruity, earthy and somewhat tart flavor to the beer.  Omega Yeast Labs provided the saison yeast strain, which add a little spice to the flavor as well.

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