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The voting period has ended for the most prestigious awards that we could concoct, the Heritage Corridor Ale Trail Golden Growlers.

The winners will be announced soon in a 147-hour long Facebook Live video which will begin with a Dan Mulka’s one-act play, “The History of Beer.”  The play is 146 hours and 55 minutes long, including the show-stopping number “Not Throwing Away My Stout.”

Mulka said, “We tried to get Neil Patrick Harris to host the award show – he’s the best at hosting award shows.  When we contacted him, he responded with a resounding ‘Please stop tweeting me.'”

In all seriousness, thank you to everyone who voted for the Golden Growlers.  We will be announcing our winners later this week.  We just figured that if we did it today, nobody would be sure if we were telling the truth or playing an April Fools’ gag.

PS … so far, this post is winning the April Fools posts.

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