As the snow begins to melt and we do the happy dance, we also realize that Winter, soon, will end.  No, I’m not spoiling the end of Game of Thrones, which comes back around April.

The end of Winter does mean that we’re getting close to the end of Stout season and some Winter beers that we truly do love.  It is hard to do a ghost-pepper stout in August.

Rock Bottom – Bolingbrook just put out a Facebook post to remind us of the upcoming end of Winter beer season.  When’s the last time you’ve been to Rock Bottom?  Here’s some of the beers that will soon be hibernating.

  • Espresso Porter – Chocolate malt and cold-brewed roasted espresso beans intertwine.  Rich tasting, medium-bodied
  • Snow Monster IPA – New England IPA meets an Imperial IPA, with excessive cloudiness and fruity hop flavor hop flavors.  This monstrous concoction has more hops per ounce than any beer ever brewed at RB Bolingbrook.
  • Vanilla Bean Lager – Premium vanilla beans from Madagascar cold-steeped in a filtered lager.
  • Winey Princess – Dark Princess strong Belgian Style Ale in red wine barrel.  You’ll get a 10 oz pour in a 13oz tulip glass.
  • Sippin’ a Snickerdoodle – Featuring a special blend of cookie-like malts, with a dash of cinnamon-sugar and a touch of vanilla extract.  Served with a cinnamon-sugar rim, unless requested otherwise.
  • You Know You Whiskey Want to Stout – Imperial Stout aged in a Breckenridge Bourbon Barrel (10 oz. pour in a 13 oz. tulip)
  • Winterbock –  Roasted malt flavor that lives somewhere between toffee and coffee.
  • Wicked Elf – Semi-traditional Belgian Tripel featuring an abundance of late addition hops to accentuate the fruity flavors born from Belgian-style fermentation.

Find out more about Rock Bottom Bolingbrook by visiting or  And make sure to get your winter beers in!  Just not all during one visit.

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