As I start typing this, there is 12 hours and 29 minutes until it’s officially Christmas day.  The little ones will be waking up in about 16 hours. Don’t worry if you need a gift for a beer lover (or for yourself), Skeleton Key has it handled.

Skeleton Key Brewery offers classes throughout the year to further bring the joy of beer to the world.  Whether you are a home brewer, or just want to know about beer, you want to make sure to check out the upcoming schedule of classes at this link –

Classes are $35 a piece, or get the Jan 14, Jan 28, Feb 11 and Feb 25 classes for $105.  You can get the Homebrewing Off-Flavors and Roundtable classes for a $40 bundle).

Coming up (at the time of writing):

Jan 14 – Local Brewer Series with Justin Miller of Hop Butcher for the World
In this 2-hour class, brewer and SKB owner Emily Slayton will take you inside the haze craze to explore its origins and offshoots — complete with tastings throughout! As a special bonus, Justin Miller of Hop Butcher for the World will be here to talk about his brewing background and how Hop Butcher makes some of the area’s most sought-after hazies.
Register at SKB’s online store.

Jan 28 – Local Brewer Series with Brian Pawola of Pollyanna Brewing
In this 2-hour class, beer judge and author Marty Nachel will delve into the many types of wheat beers out there — from hazy hefeweizens to tart berliner weisses — complete with tastings! As a special bonus, Brian Pawola of the award-winning Pollyanna Brewing Company will be here to talk about his approach to the style, as well as how his training in Germany prepared him to craft some of the local area’s best wheat beers.
Register at SKB’s online store.

Feb. 11 – Local Brewer Series:  Lambics with a Surprise Guest
In this 2-hour class, beer judge and author Marty Nachel will take you on an exploration of the lambic tradition, from its humble Belgian beginnings to more contemporary interpretations. Includes tastings from local producers as well as special sips from a couple of the world’s most revered Belgian lambic breweries. As a special bonus, we will have a special guest (or two) from a local brewery with a knack for spontaneous fermentation.
Register at SKB’s online store.

Local Brewer Series: Fruited Beers with John Monaco of MORE Brewing
In this 2-hour class, you’ll join beer judge Marty Nachel on an exploration of fruited beers, complete with tastings throughout! Discover how fruit added during different parts of the brewing process affects the final flavor, and get insight into the award-winning MORE Brewing’s “frooted” process from brewer and special guest, John Monaco.
Register at SKB’s online store.

Homebrewing Off-Flavors Class
Successfully identifying off-flavors in your finished beer is an important step toward improving your homebrewing process. Join beer judge and author Marty Nachel in this 2-hour class where you’ll taste common off flavors and learn how to recognize them and their causes.
Register at SKB’s online store.

Homebrewers Roundtable
Your friends and family love you, but how honest are they being about your homebrew? Bring in a couple of bottles of your latest batch to share with fellow homebrewers as expert beer judge Marty Nachel leads the group in learning how to assess various beer qualities and give helpful feedback. This class pairs well with our Off-Flavors Class the week before!
Register at SKB’s online store.

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