Energy City Brewing’s Milkshake Nawi Pineapple, a New England Syle IPA with Pineapple, lactose and vanilla beans, is making its way to Iron&Glass and will arrive any minute.

Energy City Brewing is out of Batavia, IL.  This pineapple milkshake beer is actually so new, that there isn’t even an UnTappd rating for it yet.  Their other milkshake beers all rate over 4.0, so there isn’t any reason to expect anything else but awesomeness.

Make sure to get to I&G before “they’re out of energy.”  You can also get more info on I&G, including their delivery updates, by visiting  You can get more info on Energy City Brewing at

And, as an update, they also just received a shipment of some more good stuff …

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