Werk Force announced yesterday that they were going to start releasing some brews from itsSØK SERIEN series that embraces their love of foraged ingredients, exploration with Norwegian farmhouse yeast strains and open top fermentation in wood vessels.

Let me introduce you to SØK SERIEN EN.  Werk Force made up a great little Sumac Grisette (grisettles are light, refreshing European beers), that brings in the complex flavors of lemon, orange and spice.  The berries were steeped overnight and blended back into a kettle soured beer.

Think huge, tangy lemon and fresh cut flower aeromatics, complimented by the undertones of ripe, summer strawberries.

Only 70 bottles of this, and some on draft as well, started on Saturday, November 3.  Make sure to stay up to date on all things Werk Force at werkforcebrewing.com or facebook.com/werkforcebrewingco.


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