Voting has now ended for the 2018 Inaugural Heritage Corridor Golden Growler Awards.  We received over 1,000 votes in the four categories:  Best Beer, Best Beer Name, Most Unique Beer and Best Beer Art.  It’s time to announce the winners – who will be receiving a new trophy to display for the rest of 2018.  (Each trophy is like the Stanley Cup, the winner’s name will be engraved for all of history)

Dan Mulka of the Heritage Corridor Ale Trail and creator of the Golden Growlers stated, “All of the Heritage Corridor Breweries produce some amazing beers.  You can see that through their UnTappd ratings, you can see that through their positive reviews on social media.  The one way to truly know though is to make your way to Willowbrook, Joliet, Channahon, Ottawa, and all the cities of the Heritage Corridor Ale Trail.”

Congratulations to Black Horizon Brewing Company.  Their fans came out in full force to help the Willowbrook brewery take home three of the four awards.  Congrats to MyGrain Brewing for their winning can design.  And, congrats to all of the breweries of the Heritage Corridor Ale Trail.

Winner:  Campfire Fun, Black Horizon Brewing Company

Winner:  Neon Samurai, Black Horizon Brewing Company

Winner:  Straight Up Cinnamon/Vanilla, Black Horizon Brewing Company

Winner:  Stateville Stout Can, MyGrain Brewing Compan

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